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About us

The art of cooking, decorating and presenting the tastiest dishes in the world has a name: Mezze.

The culinary extravagance, the enchantment of colors and the richness of the aromas of spices make Lebanese food one of the most sought after and appreciated in the world.

Pioneers on the market, Mezze came into existence with the aim of delighting its Bucharest customers with the amazing Lebanese culinary specialties and to make known the dishes, as well as their health benefits.

In Lebanese, the notion of "Mezze" represents the multitude of dishes that are served before any traditional Lebanese meal!

Our chefs, masters of the Lebanese culinary art, prepare dishes that are delightful to look at and excellent to taste, in the desire to satisfy as rigorously as possible the demands of our customers, regarding the preparation of traditional Lebanese recipes. For those of you who want to expand your gastronomic horizons, we invite you to try some of our products, a good start in familiarizing yourself with Lebanese cuisine, with its carefully selected and prepared natural products.